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Physics At A Glance- For class X

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Physics At A Glance

For Class X

By R.R.Sinha

What Is Covered in this Book?

1.) This Book Covers Latest Pattern Of CBSE Questions/Numericals which helps students to achieve Higher marks in Board examinations.

2.) Complete Theory.

3.) Lucid Style.

4.) Mathmatical Analysis.

5.) Relate Physics With Mathmatics.



Embark on an intellectual odyssey with 'Physics at a Glance' for Class X by R.R. Sinha, an exemplar of high-standard, minimalist education. This avant-garde tome transcends conventional textbooks, embracing an elevated design ethos.


Immerse yourself in the latest CBSE patterns, navigating through thought-provoking questions strategically poised to stimulate advanced cognitive processes. Elevate your understanding with an array of meticulously solved examples, each a testament to the author's commitment to academic excellence.


Journey through mathematical landscapes effortlessly, guided by lucid terminology and accompanied by sophisticated diagrams that transcend the ordinary. This opus meticulously aligns with the CBSE curriculum, spotlighting pivotal chapters for a nuanced exploration of physics.


In 'Physics at a Glance,' simplicity meets sophistication, creating a nexus of high-level education and minimalist design. It transcends the boundaries of traditional textbooks, offering a transformative learning experience that resonates with the discerning intellect of Class X students. Enter the realm of intellectual prowess with a guide that not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates a profound understanding of the subject.

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